ToltHawk Device

Why Water Level Sensors?

Why ToltHawk?

ToltHawk is a powerful sensor device in a small package. It’s simple, accurate, low cost solution for water level measurement anywhere.

Once installed, It. Just. Works. With no battery to charge, calibration or other maintenance required it works for years. It is:

  • Ruggedized with sealed watertight aluminium body
  • Easy to install as one fully self-contained unit
  • Extendable and upgradable to future proof your investment
  • Works wirelessly anywhere. Uses cellphone network (99% US geo coverage) to send data. Where cell network is not available, it can use LoRaWAN.
  • Once installed, no maintenance is required for 5-10 years depending on environmental conditions.
  • Low cost (device costs under $1000 in most cases)
  • Low annual maintenance fee ($200 per unit)
  • No cords or gateways to install *
  • Miniaturized technology packed with 9 sensors

*where cellphone service is not available, a LoRa gateway may be required

Operating ToltHawk

Operating ToltHawk

ToltHawk supports a variety of sensors for measuring environmental and soil properties. For open water such as streams, rivers, and reservoirs, it uses advanced, patented ultrasonic technology to measure water levels with better than half an inch (1 cm) precision. Since there’s no contact with water, the device is almost maintenance free, once installed. For wells and reservoirs deeper than 32 feet, it uses mux sensors, or a pressure transducer to measure water depth.

With built-in solar panel, it can run maintenance-free for years. Use ToltHawk for water level measurement in any type of water body: rivers, streams, ponds, sewer. The sensor data can be used in a variety of personal, industrial, scientific and public safety applications.

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