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About Us...

About Our President/Owner

I'm Nayab Khan, President of Eulora, LLC/ ToltHawk. My wife and I live in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley, near Redmond, WA. After working as a software engineer for Microsoft for 15 years, a few years ago, I decided to retire on our small hobby blueberry farm. I love tinkering and during my time off I created a plant sap sensor that monitors health of trees and plants for local farmers. During this time, I also volunteered with a local non-profit Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance that wanted me to help them create a sensor for flood detection. Thus, the concept of ToltHawk was born. After successfully installing ToltHawk sensors in the valley, others found out about them and we started getting interested party calls from all over the west coast. Eventually, due to its compact and self contained design, ToltHawk found all sorts of other uses.

Our first sensors were made in our garage (I'm sure you've heard of that before). Eventually, my wife kicked my operation out of the garage and we rented a small warehouse near our town of Carnation, to make these devices. Today, we have several hundred installations of ToltHawk all over the US. These devices are still assembled and tested at our facility right here in Carnation, WA.

The name ToltHawk comes from Tolt River which is close to our house and where we installed our first sensor.

A little background about me...
I was born in Pakistan and after high school, I came to the US, to attend college in Pittsburg, Kansas (yes we call it the REAL Pittsburg) in pursuit of my engineering degree. Over here I "discovered" computers and  ended up getting two degrees, with honors: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from PSU. After graduation, I wanted to go back home in Pakistan, but couldn't refuse a job offer in Dallas, where I stayed for a couple of years before moving to the Seattle area when I joined Microsoft in 1998.

ToltHawk has grown since we first started a few years ago but we are still a small company and want to stay that way. We love working with the variety of customers and their challenges, so if you don't see a solution here, don't hesitate to call me to discuss it.

Our Mission

At ToltHawk, we're committed to help make the measurement and analysis of water accurate, easy, and economical.

Our tools help you make better decision about floods and your water resources. ToltHawk devices are made in our small hometown of Carnation, WA (near Seattle).

Since then, ToltHawk has been embraced by other industries and municipalities all over the world. See how ToltHawk has helped these organizations here