About Us

Our Mission

At ToltHawk, we're committed to help make the measurement and analysis of water accurate, easy, and economical.

Our tools help you make better decision about floods and your water resources. ToltHawk devices are made in our small hometown of Carnation, WA (near Seattle). Originally, the product was made for our own Snoqualmie Valley for our local non-profit organization: Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance (SVPA.)

Since then, ToltHawk has been embraced by other industries and municipalities all over North America.

About The Founder

I'm Nayab Khan and I live (and farm a small blueberry farm) in the beautiful but flood prone valley of Snoqualmie River, in Washington State. After working for many years as a software and hardware design engineer at Microsoft, I left my job to spend more time with my family and at our farm in the valley.

I encountered my first flood in 2002 when, one day, I saw my tractor getting submerged and totaled during an early season-opener flood in our valley. It was a terrible financial loss for my farm aspirations. However, I still didn't fully grasp the impact of the floods, until one day I found out that our road was flooded and impassable and I had to be at work for an important project delivery. I found out that even the long time residents of the valley were equally frustrated with these surprise-floods. So I started looking for hydrologic and technical solutions that would track, warn, and perhaps predict impending flood. My search for such tools lead to just a couple of generalized solutions that were not only incomplete but also too expensive. Luckily a local non-profit organization, Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance (SVPA) was also seeking a similar solution,

Thus, with the help of SVPA the idea of a complete, end to end solution of flood tracking was born.