Floods and Flash-Floods

Floods and Flash-Floods

  • Proactively observes flooding or flash flood prone area
  • Alerts via SMS text, email, and push notification
  • Small solar powered
  • Works everywhere

How Flood Alerting Works?

ToltHawk devices, measure water level in rivers and streams, and wirelessly sends that data to the cloud. When a flood condition is detected, an alert is sent out immidiately.

In flood prone areas, ToltHawk can be configured to send out alerts when the water level reaches a threshold level. Once the water recedes, another alert is sent out to indicate updated status. You can also set alerts based on multiple levels of water.

Types of Alerts

ToltHawk can send out these types of alerts to any registered recipient:

  • SMS Text Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Push Notifications on smart phones

If your organization requires customized alerting (for example based on a schedule and programmability) please contact us for more information.

Works Everywhere

Our two types of wireless-radio technologies ensures global coverage even in the remotest of locations:

  • Cellular: Our standard ToltHawk devices are equipped with cellular radio technology. This allows standard ToltHawk devices to work in most of North America, and 150 other countries, where cellular signal is available. In the US (and most other countries) our devices work with most mobile operators.
  • Satellite: The satellite version of ToltHawk physically look and work the same as our cellular one, but uses near-Earth Satellites to transmit the data. This allows the device to be deployed anywhere on Earth.

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