ToltHawk sensors captures level and flow data every few minutes. Data is then wirelessly uploaded into ToltHawk Cloud Services. Once in the cloud, our specialized processing layers, analyzes and renders the data based on customer usage and need.

ToltHawk Device

ToltHawk hardware technology is based on our efficient ToltHawk Core Engine. With redundancies and ultra-low power consumption, our devices are built to withstand harsh environments and have long working life. Once installed, our devices require very little maintenance and gives you many years of maintenance free operation.

Wireless Technology

ToltHawk devices, wirelessly sends the sensed data based on the location. Locations that are within cellular range, can use the default low cost, cellular technology of the units. For extremely remote location, you can use ToltHawk-Sat, that can send data via satellite from any location on Earth.

Optional Sensors

Besides water level, ToltHawk devices can also be connected to a variety of other types of sensors including:

  • Snow Sensor (non contact)
  • Soil-Moisture
  • Ground Water Level
  • Temperature (non-contact)
  • Flow Meter 


ToltHawk Cloud Services

Once data is uploaded into ToltHawk cloud services, there are several ways to use the data:

  • View it in our dashboard
  • Graphical hydrograph format
  • Table format
  • Import data to other applications such as Excel
  • Import data in modeling tools such as HecRas
  • View multiple locations and/or sensor data side by side
  • Admin functions such as configuration, frequency of readings, adding or changing location information