ToltHawk is a complete water level sensor solution for monitoring water bodies. Our sensors send data such as water level and temperature to the internet (cloud) via cellular network for analysis. Live and historical data can then be monitored via cellphone or web. Intelligent machined-learned analysis helps give you insights into your data in the long run and real-time forecasts.

Why ToltHawk?

ToltHawk uses advanced, patented ultrasonic technology to measure water levels with better than 0.5 inch (1 cm) precision. Since there’s no contact with water, the device is almost maintenance free, once installed. The extremely efficient computer algorithm that drives these devices allows them to run at a stretch for 6-24 months (depending on upload cycle) without requiring recharging. A solar PV option makes them run year round maintenance free.

Use toltHawk for water level measurement in any type of water body: rivers, streams, ponds, sewer. The sensor data can be used in a variety of personal, industrial, scientific and public safety applications.
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