What is ToltHawk?

ToltHawk uses a combination of smart sensors and cloud tools to give you low cost, end-to-end solutions for monitoring rivers, streams, lakes, storm-water, and sewers.

Complete Monitoring Solution

Our solutions are self contained, comprehensive, and easy to understand, deploy, and use. Each of our solutions go all the way to a. Measure, b. Monitor, c. Model, d. Collaborate, and e. provide threshold Alerts.
ToltHawk Flood
River and Stream Hydrology

ToltHawk Cloud Services helps track water level in rivers and streams. Furthermore, as the data is accumulated, it can help create trends, enrich historical data, and directly export and view data from your hydrologic modeling tools such as Hec Ras.


Floods & Flash-Floods

ToltHawk sensors keeps an eye on a hotspot for flashflood. When water level exceeds a preconfigured threshold, it sends out alerts and lets you observe water level in real time. These sensors can be installed in the remotest of locations.


Inflow and infiltration (I&I) monitoring of sewer lines using manholes to track unauthorize tie-ins, sewage blockage, and overflow in cities and towns.

Weirs and Flumes

Weirs and flumes require very precise water level measurement. ToltHawk devices, not only provides that precision of measurement but also translate it into flow (cfs, gph) on a hydrograph. It can also daily water usage from the flow.

Water Tanks

The high sensitivity of ToltHawk gauges allows very precise measurement of water level, volume, and usage of water tanks. Threshold notifications allows alerts in case of overflow/low level conditions. The water level information is also interpolated into water usage (gpm), diurnal curves, pump cycles, and can be used to diagnose pump and leakage issues.

Water over Roadway

ToltHawk sensors uses both non-contact (ultrasonic) and submersible transducers to track water over roadway.

Public Safety/EMS Map Layer

Status of flooding from one or a network of ToltHawk sensors along roads, rivers, streams, and ditches can be viewed as a live layer in many EMS/Public Safety kiosks and dashboards. Public safety personnel and dispatch centers can use this live information to make an informed decision related to public safety issues, all from one user interface.

Water Flow

Government regulatory agencies require water flow or volume information for water quality measurements. ToltHawk's built in tools can covert our standard stage/level into flow via a discharge rating curve formula.

Tidal/Coastal Flow

Coastal river basins provide a complex hydrology driven by many elements such as tides, wind, river flow, and storm systems. ToltHawk gauges provides a granular hydrologic measurement for monitoring and modeling coastal river basins.

"We are committed to making our solutions easy to install and use yet powerful, rugged, and affordable."

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