River and Stream Hydrology

Tracks water level and flow in rivers and streams remotely. Data is enriched with weather and nearby rivers data for trend analysis and prediction.


Floods & Flash-Floods

Proactively observes a flash flood prone area. Sends out alerts via SMS texts, emails, and cell phone notifications upon detection.


Monitors snow levels on the ground and the mountains. Sends out alerts via SMS texts, emails, and cell phone notifications upon detection.


Inflow and infiltration (I&I) monitoring of sewer lines using sensors embedded in manholes. Also detects unauthorized tie-ins, sewage blockage, and overflow in sewer lines.

Weirs and Flumes

Provides precise water level measurement for measuring water flow in weirs and flumes. Also provides daily water usage data.

Water Tanks

Precise measurement of water level, water usage, and volume of water tanks. Threshold alerts for overflow/low level conditions. Tracks pump cycles, pump issues, and leakage problems.

Water over Roadway

Uses both non-contact (ultrasonic) and submersible transducers to track water over roadway. Sends out alerts via phone and email.

Public Safety/EMS Map Layer

Detects flooding in a subject area, sends out alerts, and sends data as a geo data layer in EMS/Public Safety dashboards such as ESRI ArcGIS used by public safety personnel.

Flow Data for Water Quality

Government regulatory agencies require water flow or volume information for water quality measurements. ToltHawk's interpolates stage/level into flow.

Tidal/Coastal Flow

Coastal river basins provide a complex hydrology driven by many elements such as tides, wind, river flow, and storm systems. ToltHawk gauges provides a granular hydrologic measurement for monitoring and modeling coastal river basins.

Here are a few more ToltHawk applications:

  • Remote weather station with rain gauge
  • Water wells (using pressure transducer)
  • Bridge vibration and vehicle sensing
  • Remote air quality
  • Roadway water detect and sign driver
  • Remote 4-20 mA driver with custom sensors and drivers