Rivers and Streams

River and Stream

Rivers and Streams Stage/Flow

(See how Kittitas County, WA is using ToltHawk to monitor remote streams)
ToltHawk devices, measure water level in rivers and streams, and wirelessly sends that data to the cloud. This data can then be viewed via ToltHawk Phone App, or our website. This data can be further enriched with temperature and precipitation gauges connected to the device or from nearby weather stations. In addition, the historical data can be used for:

Trends and Predictions

Over time, as the data history accumulates, our cloud service improves at identifying trends and becomes better at prediction of events such as flooding and seasonal levels. In addition, it uses weather data from NOAA, and river data from nearby USGS gauges to establish trends.


ToltHawk integrates with modeling tools such as Hec-Ras. This makes modeling easy. The rendered graphical data can then be uploaded into ToltHawk for allow anyone in your organization to graphically view events such as flooding and seasonal water levels.

Data Export

ToltHawk’s data can be directly imported in your favorite data format such as Excel, csv, and plain text.

Snow, Rain, Soil-Moisture, Ground Water Level Sensors

Using external, optional sensors, ToltHawk units can measure a variety of properties associated with your basin. These external sensors can sense:

  • Snow
  • Soil-Moisture
  • Ground Water
  • Temperature 

ToltHawk Device