Wireless: Satellite vs Cell vs Lora

Satellite vs Cellular vs LoRA?

LoRaWAN vs Cellular

A common question is which radio transmission technology you should use: LoRaWAN or cellular?

For most installations we recommend using our standard unit which transmits data via cellular service. A LoRaWAN is recommended in extremely remote locations where cellular service is not available.

Satellite Cellular LoRa
Best Use Anywhere outdoors Anywhere where cellular service is available Remote areas, where cellular is unavailable
Battery Life* (external solar) 3-5 years (solar) 3-5 years (solar) 3-5 years
Requires own gateway & network knowledge? No No Yes, in most cases you must setup your own LoRa gateway
Range Anywhere outdoors Everywhere cell service is available 2 miles rural, ½ mile or less urban
Secure Extremely Extremely Somewhat
Wireless Signal susceptible to noise? Minimal Some Yes
Can send bridge vibration data No Yes No (due to limited payload size)
Multiple Sensors? Limited Yes Maybe (limited payload size)
Works in very remote areas? Yes No (cellular coverage required) Yes
Cost? $1495 $995 $995 + gateway
Update Frequency


*depends on environment of use. High temperature may shorten battery life