What’s New in ToltHawk 3?

What’s New in Tolthawk 3.0

API: Allows 3rd parties to use or extend the functionality of ToltHawk. Our APIs gives you access to all your data and if need be to manipulate presentation of the data for your users.

Security Levels: You can assign your users one of three different levels based on how much data they can view or configuration changes they can make for a location.

Battery: With an efficient engine, the third generation of ToltHawk sensors uses very low power to both read and transmit sensory data. Our Lithium batteries are kept charged by a small solar panel located in the cap of the unit. This solar panel works even in shade and ambient light conditions.

Accuracy: Our level sensor uses ultrasonic echo to measure the distance to the target (water or solids). Where direct access to the water surface is not available, you can use a pressure transducer connected via a submersible cord, to read the water depth.

Easy Installation: ToltHawk devices are self-contained units that doesn’t need wiring. A solar panel and an antenna are built into the unit. The cylindrical body of the unit is the same size as a 2” schedule-40 pipe and can be mounted using common straps available in most hardware stores.

Upgrades: A usb port on the unit allows firmware upgrades when they are available.

Watertight and Rugged: Our IP68 rating means that our device is watertight even after brief period of submerging in water.

Works Anywhere: ToltHawk units work in most of the world where cellular service is available. Where cellular service is not available, the LoRa version of the device can be used. More on LoRa vs Cellular can be found here…

MEMS and Vibration Sensing: For bridge installations, you can enable the highly sensitive vibration sensor of the ToltHawk device. This allows you to study the long term physical characteristics of the bridges and the traffic footprint of the bridge. Please note that this technology, although available, is still under test.

Anti Theft & Vandalism: ToltHawk contains proprietary features that reduces theft and vandalism to your device.

Notifications: Tolthawk notifies you when a sensory data, such a water level, reaches certain predefined thresholds. These notifications can be in the form of emails and/or phone text messages.