Accurate Water Level Measurement

ToltHawk sensors measures from 1 to 33 feet of water. Depending on the model, you can get a 1mm to 1cm resolution in the reading.

No Wires To Connect

Self-contained device with no wiring required. Situate in the field, switch-on, and it just works

No Calibration Required

Field-ready. Never requires calibration

Works Anywhere

Our devices use cellular network from all major carriers of the world. In the US its AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Where cell coverage is unavailable, you can use LoRaWAN.

Maintenance Free

ToltHawk has built-in solar panel that works well even in low light. That allows it to run maintenance free for years. 

Low Cost $

If you are used to seeing bulky, expensive hardware for gauges and sensors, be ready for a pleasant surprise. Our complete packages starts at $995 with low annual service fee.

Real-time Updates

The sensor sends regular water-level measurements to a website or mobile apps. These updates can also be read into your own custom web or mobile application via APIs.

Localized Predictions

Custom predictions for a given sensor/device location point using machine learning 

Works Remotely Anywhere
...anywhere cell phone coverage is available

Coverage Map

API Integration
Why? With today's connected world some day you may need to integrate the level connector with other "things" or "apps" Solution: Our JSON APIs are easy to use with your own custom machine or application.
Some uses of ToltHawk:
River, stream, pond, water level measurements
Water over roadway notifications
Flood detection and prediction
Water retention ponds
Sewer/Waste water
Water storage tank
Flood level timeline
Data comparison to previous years
Gauge accuracy of prediction (predicted vs. observed)
NOAA Regional Temperature
NOAA Regional Precipitation

Built in diagnostics for status of device. In the rare case of an issue with the device, you will be notified regarding the exact issue with the device. 

Environment Resistant

These low-cost devices have a rugged design, and are water and environment resistant so they don't require regular replacement like similar devices. 

Phone/Email Notifications (option)

You and your customers can get a custom notification for a local area from a subset of sensors. This is a more precise alert for floods or other events impacting a targeted area only.